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Happy Easter everyone!
5 Nisan 2021
KM Home Collection Biyografi
9 Nisan 2021

Specially designed by Meltem Tepeler, Marine, Spring, Autumn, and Christmas series linen tablecloths, napkins, placemats, and pillows will make your tables and sofas look more creative and elegant. Your events will turn into magnificent celebrations with colorful and unique KM Home Collection designs. Turkish linen and textile are used in all products as Turkey is a very rich country in producing good quality linen. As a woman entrepreneur, Meltem Tepeler also encourages Anatolian handcraft, pearl, and bead hand embroidery, prepared by Anatolian women who earn their lives with their handmade work. As a designer, Meltem Tepeler uses a lot of vintage designs as well to create a nostalgic look on table decors. And as an event designer who created themed events for 26 years, she loves using her experience in creating themes on placemats, napkins, runners, and tablecloths.

About the designer of ‘KM Home Collection’, Meltem Tepeler

Meltem Tepeler is a Turkish woman entrepreneur, well recognized in her country as well as in Gulf Region. She founded her company “KM Events”, the leading event and wedding company in Turkey, in 1995 in Istanbul.

She later stepped foot in Dubai “KM Events Beyond Luxury” in 2015. Meltem has planned and organized weddings, social gatherings, and celebrations for very influential families from around the world, including but not limited to Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Dubai, Istanbul, Europe, Greece, and other neighboring countries. She had the honor of hosting George Bush, Tony Blair, Berlusconi, J. Chirac, Schroeder, Aliyev as well as many other Presidents at the time at Gala dinner for the NATO Summit. She also had the honor to host Pope Benedict XVI th. She was showcased through her book called “Weddings and Istanbul ” which soon became one of the Industrys’ classics in 2010. In 2011, the second edition of the book was released. Meltem has been a part of many associations related to Events as she is the Founder President of YEPUD (The Association for Planning and Implementation of Creative Events Turkey), the only association in the event industry in Turkey, 2007-2014.

She is also the President of the ILEA (International Live Events Association) Turkey Chapter since 2016 and many more. She established TUED, International Events Association of Turkey lately and she has been the president of the same association since then.

Meltem’s last entrepreneurship is about creating a new brand called ‘ KM Home Collection’ about home textile. She is designing linen placemats, napkins, runners, tablecloths, and pillows with her 26 years of experience in the event decor industry. KM Home Collection will be leading the home textile industry for the following next years in the Gulf region.