4 Nisan 2020

Answering the questions of my couples about what to do for the effect of coronavirus for their summer weddings?

Answering the questions of my couples about what to do for the effect of corona virus for their summer weddings? My advice is don’t cancel your […]
5 Aralık 2019

My TIMREPORT Interview!

Here is my interview for TIMREPORT magazine of Turkey Exporters Assembly and ofcourse I talked about my 26 years of experience in wedding business as a […]
2 Eylül 2019

Aya & Reda’s Destination Wedding is at Arabiaweddings

Aya and Reda’s Destination Wedding in Istanbul: https://www.arabiaweddings.com/luxury/real-weddings/aya-and-redas-destination-wedding-istanbul
2 Eylül 2019

Shahad & Khalid’s Wedding Article is at Arabiaweddings

Shahad and Khalid’s Eden Garden Wedding in Istanbul: https://www.arabiaweddings.com/luxury/real-weddings/shahad-and-khalids-eden-garden-wedding-istanbul
2 Eylül 2019

Sara & Abdullah’s Destination Wedding Article is at Arabiaweddings

Sara and Abdullah’s Destination Wedding in Istanbul: https://www.arabiaweddings.com/luxury/real-weddings/sara-and-abdullahs-destination-wedding-istanbul
28 Ağustos 2019

An article about KM Events

27 Ağustos 2019

My interview at www.arabiaweddings.com!

My interview at www.arabiaweddings.com as the leading Turkish Luxury Weddingplanner✨✨✨ Türkiye’nin önde gelen düğün planlamacısı olarak www.arabiaweddings.com daki röpörtajım..✨✨✨ https://www.arabiaweddings.com/tips/the-experts-corner/chit-chat-leading-turkish-luxury-wedding-planner-meltem-tepeler#.XWUcSc2pq1o.link